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TAN Philosophy

TAN is a naturist social club. Our members enjoy the freedom of being nude while enjoying the company of our friends. We strive to create an environment where our members can be comfortable while nude and in the company of other nude people. In order to achieve this goal, we abide by some common sense rules.

  • TAN is clothing optional. We provide a non-judgmental environment where our members may be comfortable. Nudity is accepted as normal and appropriate, but we do not pressure anyone to dress in a fashion where they are uncomfortable.
  • TAN respects the privacy of our members and guests.  We expect all participants to behave accordingly.
  • TAN is not involved with any sexual activity. Sexual behavior including sexual touching, sexual advances, or uninvited contact of any sort is unacceptable at a TAN function. This applies to all participants including activity between married partners or willing partners. This includes advances to TAN members made away from a TAN event but as a result of the TAN event. Sexual propositions to other members, sexual innuendos in conversation, gawking,     or commentary on the physical attributes of any member will not be tolerated. Violation of TAN standards will result in the revocation of membership.
  • TAN has a membership process to review applicants for membership and allow them to meet the TAN members before joining. Applicants must provide full, complete, and accurate information about themselves.
  • TAN does not discriminate on the basis of marital status, gender, age, ethnicity, or sexual preference. However we strive to maintain a reasonable gender balance to assure the comfort of all participants.  We will decline membership to new applicants, if necessary, to achieve balance.
  • TAN is primarily organized as social entertainment for adults.  TAN events are usually not appropriate for children.  (Homes may not be child-proof, etc.)  However arrangements may be made to accommodate children when appropriate and with the consent of the host.
  • TAN relies on its members to host events and to contribute to events held at the homes of other members. We expect participants to bring food to potluck events, provide alcohol for personal consumption, and provide towels or other equipment as needed. We expect participants to be respectful of the property of the host and to notify the host of any accidents or problems they may have.
  • TAN does not engage in political activity or advocacy related to nudism. However, we are affiliated with and make occasional contributions to national nude groups who keep abreast of nudism-related issues.